Mission and Principles

Hermano Lejano is a mission dedicated towards helping Salvadoran deportees settle back into their countries. Through financial support, job relocation, and bilingual academic programs, Hermano Lejano is dedicated to making the transition easier. We approach the situation from a practical standpoint, to help the most number of people as effectively as we can, and also from a perspective of compassion, respect, and dignity. 


The principles that guide our work are:

  1. Inclusivity: We aim to make sure all stakeholders are part of our conversations, especially those voices that are often silenced. It is important to the mission of our organization to make sure there is equitable distribution of voices in decision making processes, and that we have diversity in our projects.
  2. Building Relationships Based on Respect and Compassion: The basis of our organization is fostering relationships of respect and compassion. This is the only way we can work together towards justice for the individuals we support and grow as an organization together, among individuals and between our U.S. and El Salvador headquarters. Respectful distribution of resources, decision-making, information and strategies is necessary to the successful resettlement of individuals and families.
  3. Working Together Towards Growth: New ideas will not be dismissed for their novelty alone, and we will not resist change; we believe that growing together is the only way to adapt to a changing political environment and most effectively strive towards our mission. Working together means we foster environments of risk taking, respect, and enthusiasm, encouraging everyone to be innovative for the purpose of our shared goals.
  4. Transparent Governance: The structure and governance practices of our organization are openly available for public knowledge; and questions not answered by our website can be inquired in our contact form. This includes the parties involved in allocating resources, supporting Salvadorans returning home, and making decisions that affect the lives of those who our programs support. We believe that transparency is vital to maintaining a positive relationship with Salvadorans, Americans, government bodies, other organizations, and our donors and funders.
  5. Responsible Financing: As someone who donates to our organization, hosts an event, fundraisers, or contributes as a corporate or organizational sponsor, you will know what percentage of your donations go towards helping resettle Salvadoran refugees. We are committed to doing the most good with the resources you give us, and you deserve to be sure that this is happening. As our supporters, you also hold us accountable for ensuring the most efficiency and productivity we can man

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