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Hermano Lejano is a organization dedicated towards change. Our headquarters are located in Washington, D.C. and San Salvador, El Salvador. Using our two different locations, we can insure that all deportees under our care will return to a safe and financially stable home.

Given El Salvador’s strong cultural ties to the Catholic Religion, both our D.C and San Salvador locations will work closely with churches to organize fundraising. Our D.C location will  specifically work with with Catholic churches throughout the United States in order to provide financial support and legal correspondents to undocumented immigrants.Through organizations such as the Catholic Charities of Galveston- Houston’s Supporting Refugee and Immigrants program and the Catholic Charities of Washington’s Immigration Legal Services program, we will organize fundraising and legal immigration workshops to make sure that our clients are financially ready to return to their native country and well educated in their legal rights. Each Salvadoran will have a US correspondent with whom to consult legal and financial struggles.

Our San Salvador location will work primarily with the  adjustment back to El Salvador. We will focus on finding a permanent home and job for our clients while also providing bilingual classes for our non-Spanish speakers. Through the Salvadoran government organization, El Salvador Es Tu Casa, we will be able to provide the best possible job assistance (including job management and the opportunity to receive seed capital). We will also work closely with Salvadoran Church organizations, specifically The Assemblies of God, to focus on adjusting student deportees to a new academic environment. Joining The Assemblies of God’s efforts in pushing students away from a gang lifestyle, Hermano Lejano will provide English and Spanish volunteer tutors with specialized teaching backgrounds to insure our clients will finish their high school degrees.

Using our two different locations, all clients can be sure that they will be provided all resources needed to for their transition. If you’re interested in being a partner, please contact us for more information and to establish a connection.

Some of the other partner organizations we work with:

Habitat for Humanity/Hábitat para la Humanidad, El Salvador helps provide housing for low-income migrants.

UN International Organization for Migration, Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration: The UN supports programs for migrants needing to return home without the ability to do so, such as victims of human trafficking, stranded migrants, people whose application for asylum was denied, and unaccompanied children or those with health concerns. They do not support the entire community of Salvadoran migrants no longer offered TPS, but we work with them to provide support, especially for those in our community who are more vulnerable.



Unbound Philanthropy works in the field of migration to transform long-standing but solvable barriers to the human rights of migrants and refugees and their integration into host societies. We seek to strengthen social, civic, and economic opportunities and relationships of mutual responsibility and respect across communities.”

Lion’s Club International has several locations throughout El Salvador, including in San Salvador. They provide humanitarian grants for projects worldwide.


“[The MacArthur Foundation] launched a five-year program focused on U.S. Immigration Policy, the Regional Migration Corridor (of Central America, Mexico, and the United States), and Global Migration. Through this work, we sought to improve the lives of vulnerable migrants, while laying the groundwork for fundamental improvements in migration policy at the national, regional, and global level.”

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